Minecraft Tips: The Raw Material

Minecraft tips for beginners are the ones that help with the first 24 hours in the new world.
Without proper guidance, it is easy to become fast prey to the monsters, skeletons and even the dreaded Creeper. Finding the raw materials that will help you survive is the first step.

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Finding Wood
Before getting too carried away with exploring, it is important that you collect an abundance of wood.
This wood will be very useful to you in building your shelter, tools and other useful items.
The two most important Minecraft tips with regards to wood are to get it early in the game and get lots of it.
Walk up to the nearest tree and hold the mouse button down to cut it with your hands. As the wood falls from the tree, grab it. Keep cutting until you have at least 25 blocks.

Finding Stone and Coal
Now that you have collected plenty of lumber you can find a good site for your first home.
For a really sturdy home, you will need stone and coal. If you go toward a mountain range, you will see black lines in the rocks.
The black lines are cracks and inside the cracks is coal. Locating your shelter near coal is a great idea, as you will need plenty of it.


It is imperative that you begin making some tools and items to build your home with, and stay safe. One of the best Minecrafting tips of the first hours in the new world is to get crafting early.

Put all of you wood blocks into one space in the crafting section to make planks. Click on all the planks until you have 64, and then put them into your inventory.
Repeat this process until you have used up all of your wood.
Now that you have planks, found coal and have located a place to build your first home you are good to go.
The planks will be used to make a crafting bench that will be used for making all sorts of useful items. Happy crafting!

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Minecraft Tips: Getting Started

Surviving the first 24 hours of your initial Minecraft experience is not as easy as it may seem. With no inclusive Minecraft tips available, users need to do all the research they can before entering the Minecraft world Understanding a few things to do first is essential to not only your survival but also your fun. Here are three Minecraft tips to get you started.

Generating a World
Before we get into some important Minecraft tips, you must have a space in which to play. The first order of business is creating a new world. There really is not much for you to do except tell the game to create a new and random world. You will have to wait a few second and then you will but dropped into your self created space. You can create a desert world, a mountainous terrain, a forest, valley, or virtually any type of world in which you wish to exist.

Create A Shelter

Come nightfall you are going to need a place to hide. Creatures big and small come out once the sun sets and you do not want to find yourself without a roof over your head. One of the best Minecraft tips with regards to shelter is to keep it simple. Don’t spend a whole lot of time or resources on your first home. The green bricks, if your world has them, are grass, and under the grass, there is dirt. If you gather forty or so dirt bricks by hand, you can create a really sturdy little dirt shelter that will protect you from the monsters. Be careful of skeletons, the can shoot arrows through your windows.

Gathering Logs
Tool making is another important element on the list of Minecraft tips. The first step to tool making made should be to construct a workbench. You will need this bench to make tools. However, you have to get the raw materials together first. Gather some wood by punching on a tree for a while. Eventually, a wood log will come loose. Gather ten pieces of wood and put them into your crafting inventory by pressing “I”.

Converting Wood to Planks
Now that you wood is in your inventory, it needs to be crafted into planks. Take the stack of wood and place it in the crafting area. When you do this you will see that one wood block turns into four wood planks. Now you are ready to build your workbench. Once you place four planks in the crafting area, one per square they will turn into a workbench. Now you are on your way to creating some really cool and useful tools that will help you survive in your new world.
For those who pay attention to these initial Minecrafting tips, there is hope of survival during the early days in your newly created world. Don’t think that survival is possible flying by the seat of your pants. Take the time to study these useful tips and prepare yourself for what lies ahead!

Novice Minecraft Tips: First Things First, A Shelter

With Minecraft, users find themselves in an unfamiliar world with no instruction. There are no tutorials or manuals built into the game. You can forget about finding any Minecraft tips once you enter the world. You are on your own. The following Minecraft tips will help you survive your first twenty-four hours in this new and strange land.

Get Busy
As far as beginner Minecraft tips are concerned, there is no better than the strong recommendation to get busy building a shelter. You will need protection in this strange land. It is all fine and dandy to explore, but if you leave yourself vulnerable come nightfall, it could get messy. It may seem pretty and quiet during the day, but at night skeletons, zombies, monsters and the really scary Creeper come to wreak havoc.

Don’t take too long to find yourself the best spot to build a shelter. Time is of the essence in a world where nighttime brings an array of formidable creatures. To save time, find an existing natural structure that you can use for at least one wall of your shelter. Look for a cliff and you already have one wall made.

Go Simple
Another popular suggestion from the box of Minecraft tips is to keep it simple. The easiest and simplest shelter to build is one made from dirt. Look for any grass tile, and then turn it over to find dirt bricks. You can use your prick or take the time to construct a shovel; however, the dirt bricks are also easy to collect with your bare hands. You will need about forty blocks to construct a reasonable shelter.

If you have left yourself some time before nightfall, you can harvest lumber. Walk to the closet tree, and hold down the left mouse button to gather wood. The block will eventually break off the tree and drop a log that you can pick up. You will need about 12 logs for a decent structure. To make the logs into useable lumber, press “I” to open your inventory then click and drag the logs to the crafting window. Place logs on top of each other to make sticks.

Although this game may seem incredibly overwhelming to the novice, some key Minecraft tips for beginners make playing it more enjoyable in the long run. Remember, make the shelter first!



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